Add 3D Nails Charms to your Nail Design Mix - An easy way to elevate your Nail Art.

Add 3D Nails Charms to your Nail Design Mix - An easy way to elevate your Nail Art.

Published by NailFuel Bar on 14th Feb 2022

Nail Charms

People use many methods to express their choices, preferences, and personality. And a lot of people like to do so through their style and fashion.

The way you style your hair and get your nails done can tell a lot about you. Are you sassy, classy, sexy or a combination of them. A form of fashion, the trend of nail art has many types.

Nail art dates back to 3000 BC. Nail art has evolved quite a bit in the past 10 years. Options abound for decorating them with nail colors, nail charms, and nail drawings. With the passage of time, nail art is becoming more popular and common among both men and women. For instance, people nowadays love to get their nails done according to seasons, festivals, and occasions. Here are the different types of nail art accessories and techniques.

While you can just add some drawings or stickers to your polished nails, you also have the option of adding some nail jewels such as sequins, 3D nail charms, and pom poms and Kawaii nail art. A lot of women prefer 3D nail art as accents in their overall nail designs. Some different types of nail charms include:

There are many ways to adorn your fingernails with jewels, nail charms or crystals. Depending on how glam you want your nails to look, you can either add nail charms to only one of the nails or wear them on all your fingernails. On the other hand, some other nails charms also include metal jewelry pieces that resemble necklace charms or hoops. Also known as nail dangles, or pierce nail charms these designer charms hang from nail tips. Some Nail charms are digital in nature and interact with the wearer’s cell phone.

How to Apply Nail Charms to Nail Designs

There are many ways to add nail charms to your nail designs. The most effective method to keep your customer happy and coming back for more uses 3D resin gel, also referred to as gem gel or sticky gel. The reason being, when used properly, the nail charm stays.

The application is explained here:

Like anything, a nail design needs planning. Apply the 3D nail charms is the last step.

After set has been completed apply an appropriate layer of resin gel to where you want to place the nail charm. The amount of resin gel to apply really depends on the size of the nail charm and the amount of resin gel applied. You may need a mini uv light to flash cure the resin gel if the nail charm is very large. Once it is set at the place you want it cure in your led or uv lamp for up to two minutes. When complete, apply a thin coat of resin gel around the charm to further seal it in place to ensure it stays in place between your clients’ next appointment. Cure for up to 2 minutes. No wipe needed is required with

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