I'm Obsessed with Gel Polish

I'm Obsessed with Gel Polish

Published by NailFuel Bar on 24th Mar 2022

What is Gel Polish?

Fashion brings with it changing trends and new products every now and then. Let’s face it, as a nail tech, we can never have enough colors.

Gel polish is made of different ingredients in comparison to normal polish. This polish holds on to the nail stronger than other nail lacquers. The gel polish is a great option for women who need something for their daily wear. These nails do not chip easily and can last you a long time looking pretty.

You can get at least two weeks with these nails and they look very aesthetic. Nails gel polish gives you the same enhanced look that fake nails do.

Types of Gel Polish

If you are looking to explore gel polish you must understand that there are several different types of gel polish. The standard will have a very wide color range from nudes, to neon, vibrant, and colors for the seasons. Stepping forward we get into some specialized gel polish such as cateye gel polish, reflective gel polish, holographic gel polish, shimmer gel polish. Each give a unique look after the application is complete.

How To Apply Gel Polish?

You can apply gel polish at home as it is not as difficult as many people like to believe. If you have the basic things such as gel top coat, matte top coat and the gel nail polish, you are good to go. Gel polish basically required you to just add one coat. This is great for people who are low on time and do not want to spend a lot of money getting gel polish. With one coat, they'll get the perfect look each time.

When applying the gel polish you must first ensure that you start the application of the gel polish with a clean nail. You can first apply a base coat if you are applying on the natural nail; this will protect the base nail from any damage from the polish. If you are using tips with gel product or acrylic powder, then a base coat is not required.

Once you are done with that you can use a color gel polish and put it on the base coat. A high quality product, which has high pigmentation will allow you to apply a single coat saving you money and time. Make sure to avoid the cuticles and the sides of your clients’ nails as much as possible. You can use a cuticle stick or a nail paintbrush to clean these areas if needed.

After applying the color you must keep your nails under the LED lamp for 30-60s seconds each so that the gel polish dries up. As soon as the nails dry, you can add the top coat and seal the color on your nail.

Dry your nails in the LED lamp after you apply the top coat to make sure that they are completely dry. Many gel polish users are often confused between a wipe and non-wipe gel polish, let's take a look at the difference.

Wipe vs. Non-Wipe

Typically when you apply the gel top coat, it leaves behind a residual layer of sticky polish that you usually need to wipe off with 100% alcohol. On the other hand, a non-wipe top coat does not leave behind any sticky layers and you do not have to wipe them off completely, this is where they get their name from. If you want a muted look you can use a matte top coat to achieve this effect.

Pro Tip

To increase the efficiency of gel polish application, it is best to hold the bottle in your hand that is holding the clients’ finger. This keeps the bottle close to your other hand for a dip refill and keeps it in your line of sight. As well, it will prevent you from accidentally tipping over the bottle if it is sitting on your desk.

Where To Get The Best Gel Polish?

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