The Evolution of Nail Art

The Evolution of Nail Art

Published by NailFuel Bar on 21st Jun 2021

Nail Art

Nail art is now a huge deal when it comes to fashion. Women across the world get their nails adorned with intricate, exciting designs every day. Runway shows across the world take their whole look seriously, and this goes as far as the hands too.

The term ‘nail art’ can be used to mean pretty much anything added to the nail to decorate it and create artistic, beautiful looks. It might mean crystals or gems, 3D nail art, luxury logos or nail decorations like fur, feathers, fluff and piercings. It can even mean freehand nail designs, stickers and transfers. Anything that allows the wearer to get creative and display their personality through their nails is nail art.

Nail art is the perfect way to showcase your skills as a nail artist, and delight your clients with the exact look that they want. It’s a truly fantastic way to express your art and display your skills. 

Nail Art decorations

Nail Art Trends for Summer 2021

If you’re looking for some nail art inspiration for summer 2021, look no further. Here are some ideas and trends, and popular categories for you to ponder for your next stunning creations and rock your nail decorations in style. 

3D Nail Art

3D nail art never really went out of fashion as far as we’re concerned, but texture and embellishment will be sticking around this summer. The great thing about 3D nail art is that you can make it as subtle or as noticeable as you like, the choice is yours!

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours – especially marbled to give a tie-dye effect – have been a big fashion trend in 2021. This goes for your nails too. Add pastel nail art, nail accessories and nail decorations to keep your hands on trend this summer.

Designer Inspired

Designer inspired nails are another trend that seems to always stick around. Keep it stylish, expensive and luxe with nail stickers, gems and logos all inspired by designer looks. We love mixing it up with texture, rich colours and accent nails to keep this look classy.

90’s Style

Playboy bunnies, smiley faces, chunky glitter, nail piercings, yin-yang and plaid are all back from the 90’s with nail art. If head-to-toe 90’s isn’t for you, add it to your nails instead with this throwback trend.


The brighter the better with this neon trend that’s absolutely perfect for summer. Keep your nail art bold, bright and neon for a look that’ll really turn heads. If you want to keep it a little calmer, then try a neon accent or nail decoration.

Aftercare for Nail Art

Aftercare is even more important when it comes to nail art, as designs can be more delicate than a normal mani. It’s important that nails aren’t used as tools and clients are careful when they’re getting their hands wet, lifting things or doing day-to-day jobs. Make sure you give the right aftercare advice to any clients following their nail art services.

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