What is a Water Decal or Nail Decal?

What is a Water Decal or Nail Decal?

Published by NailFuel Bar on 7th May 2021

Nail Wrap

What is a Nail Wrap?

Nail wraps or water decals are perfect for adding intricate designs to your nails without the time and effort needed to create freehand nail art with polish, gel or acrylic. They’re essentially a nail-shaped sticker that wraps around the nail, adhering to the surface without damage. There are thousands of different designs to choose from, so whatever your style, you’ll be sure to find your perfect nail wrap match.
It’s an easy way to get an artistic, professional-looking manicure in just minutes.

Nail Wrap how to apply

How to Apply Nail Decals

Directions can vary slightly from brand to brand, but here’s the basics on NailFuel Bar nail wraps:

1. Wash your hands and nails, and remove any old polish from your nails. Even if you aren’t wearing polish, it’s a good idea to swipe over them with oil-free polish remover or alcohol.

2. You will need to apply a base adhesion layer for the nail wrap to adhere to the nail bed. This can be our foil gel or our base coat . Some people dab a small amount of nail glue onto their natural nail to boost the adhesion between nail wrap and your nail.

3. Choose the right size and shape of wraps for your nail, we offer regular, long and XL. Make sure the design you have in mind is going to work with your nail length and shape, some designs look better on longer or shorter nails.

4. Cut away the shape from the master sheet and dab gently with water. Gently remove your nail wrap from the backing strip, ti will slide off. With tweezers, place the cutout piece onto the nail bed and gently press to the bottom of your nail, pressing down as you apply. Rub to remove any air bubbles or wrinkles.

5. Curve the wrap around the tip of your fingernail, stretching it taut. It will probably hang over the free edge of your nail. Cure the nail in the lamp.

6. Use a nail file at your free edge to file away any excess overhang.

7. You can then add a top coat to add extra protection to your nail wraps – this is one of the best (and easiest) ways to make your nail wraps last longer.

Aftercare for Your Nail Wraps

After you’ve applied your nail wraps, you want to avoid any activity that’s going to make them lift from your natural nail. This includes picking at them, using your nails as tools and anything that might get in between the wrap and edge of your nail.

How to Remove Nail Wraps

To remove nail wraps, just soak your nails in acetone and file away the applied top coat protection layer. The nail wraps may simply loosen from your nails or you will have to file them as well. Once it’s loose, gently peel it from your nail, then wash and dry your hands. Make sure to add cuticle oil and hand cream afterwards to rehydrate your skin and nails to keep them in great condition.

We have a large selection of nail wraps / water decals from designer to animation to funky and air brush looks. Be sure to visit our category page to find something for you.